UBCO announces new U.S. ride and service Hubs as it ramps up growth

UBCO’s efforts to double down on its U.S. focus will be boosted with the opening of Hubs in San Francisco, Bend, and Los Angeles.

UBCO, a global leader in electric adventure vehicles (EAVs), is on a mission to make everyday adventure more accessible and inclusive. Amid growing demand, the New Zealand-born company is accelerating its presence in the United States, bringing to market an inclusive portfolio of on-and off-road e-vehicles for any adventure. Its new Hubs will help people learn to ride and take care of their UBCOs, driving a better care and repair culture in micromobility.

The U.S. opportunity

As one of the largest powersports segments in the world, and with a fast growing hunger for outdoor recreation and exploration activities, the U.S. offers an opportunity for explosive growth. With high demand for its newest models and an estimated 300% increase in sales year over year, UBCO is positioning to spearhead a potential $150 billion expansion of the powersports market.

“Electrification has happened across almost all major transportation segments, however off-road recreation and utility as a category has been underserved by this clean energy transition,” says Katherine Sandford, CEO of UBCO. “The vehicles we're bringing to market are enabling more people than ever to explore the great outdoors, whether that's a mini adventure to the coffee shop or riding the trails far from the beaten track. And the demand we're seeing from the U.S. customer is very strong."

Originally founded in 2015, UBCO’s electric adventure vehicles have been crafted by state-of-the-art engineering and innovative software design to withstand tough conditions - while remaining safe to maneuver, easy to service and appealing to existing and new riders alike. UBCO’s versatility means that one bike opens up a world of potential no matter the adventure.

With its U.S. headquarters in Oregon, UBCO has created an expansive dealer and e-commerce network, with 98 locations to date, in 23 states. It is now expanding EAVs stateside through partnerships with Tucker Powersports, set to add 200 locations in 2022, and Camping World with its 5 million active customer base and 200+ store footprint. Naturally, its supply chain has grown to support this.

UBCO Hubs - Ride, care and repair

UBCO Hub concept

A place to learn to ride, service and reconnect with your UBCO

As part of its new phase of expansion, UBCO has also confirmed the first three US sites for its new containerized, footloose, and scalable Hub network. After piloting in London, UBCO Hubs will be rolling out in San Francisco, Bend, and Los Angeles with specific locations being finalized. They’ll provide a place for test rides, daily rentals, servicing, tips and tricks, and lessons on how to perform simple maintenance and repairs on their UBCO vehicle. Hubs will also include coffee and iconic NZ pie stations, bringing UBCO’s homegrown roots stateside.

“There is a lot we can do to showcase easier, safer and fun, electrified riding options and our hubs create a safe, low pressure space to give it a go,” says Sandford who will also be speaking about this new approach at Micromobility Europe in Amsterdam on 01 June. “And what’s really exciting is that we are starting to build a culture of care and repair in micromobility by reconnecting customers with their ride. We can show them how to get the maximum experience, but to be confident in taking care of it, as if it was an extension of themselves.”

“And there’s a lot more to come product and model-wise as we electrify mobility in the outdoor and recreation, powersports and agricultural markets. By keeping accessibility at the heart of everything we do, the sky's the limit!”

The brand expects continued success as it grows in the U.S. both in reach and in staff and operations. This incorporates a headstrong leadership team with the recent U.S. based hirings of Kim Chaumillon as Chief People Officer, Chirag Patel and Senior Vice President of Supply Chain & Manufacturing, and Oliver Hutaff as Chief Financial Officer.

As one of twelve New Zealand-based brands currently delegated into the United States by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, UBCO continues to forge new strategic partnerships with recent key brands including Tucker Powersports, Camping World, Reef Technologies, and Chemix (Co-free battery technology).

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Katherine Sandford, UBCO CEO

Katherine Sandford, UBCO CEO