Hunting with surf legend and keen bow hunter, Shane Dorian

Surf icon Shane Dorian spent years on the championship tour and earned a reputation as one of the world’s best big-wave surfers.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Shane fell in love with surfing at a young age. For Shane, surfing always provided an escape. As he grew older, he discovered bow hunting, and fell in love with the sport for many of the same reasons he loved to surf – being in nature, out in the elements, experiencing challenging adventures and stunning scenery.

Shane says “After bow hunting for 20 years, it’s really cool to have a tool like the UBCO bike because it doesn’t take anything away from my experience as a hunter. It just really adds as a tool to be able to get farther out safely. ​ ​ The experience of using an electric AWD vehicle to hunt, especially one as tough as the UBCO, is unbeatable - its light, silent, and a blast to ride. I’m excited about where I can get to this season using this bike.​“

“The UBCO Hunt bike is a hunter’s dream bike. With a 80km off-road range, AWD, and full suspension, I can get everywhere I need to hunt with only the twist of a throttle. The 150kg weight capacity allows me to extend my hunts and bring home more meat. The experience of using a silent, electric AWD vehicle to hunt, especially one as tough as the UBCO is unbeatable.” Shane Dorian .